Soumya Deb's

Despicable, Notorious Ambitions

Now in 1988 1987, there's me... the acme of evolution.

If you're through my bio, then let's move on to the point — this isn't the page you're looking for — but it's indeed where the journey begins.

As if I wasn't vague enough — like the bootloder of a multi-OS system — this page is the bare-minimal lift-off spring-board of its (rather informative) subdomains of my interweb activities.

My whereabouts are better found by following the links above, separated by the interests they correlate to. Typically you shouldn't require more than a couple of seconds to figure out which link to follow without any detailed description, unless you're studying me or the source-code of the site — else my usability design failed.

Setting & accomplishing goals — challenge accepted!

Minimalism — close enough!
No truck-load of information, no fancy little prosthetics — just a clean, Visually & Programmatically minimal homepage. So the entire website fits in just one page & weighs no more than 7KB. B]
Native HTML5/CSS3 — look ma, no JS!
It's like making a dish awesome without using salt... Nothing against JS (or salt, infact I love 'em both), but just for the kick of HTML5/CSS3 awesomeness! \m/
Originality — write ALL the codes, all of it!
i.e. no 3rd party library, polyfill or even particularly distinguishable design aesthetics. :)
Proto-responsive Design — achievement unlocked!
Designed in a way that this site doesn't require any radical changes in the interface, to behave properly on any device/platform. =_=